A sustainable work life

I was approached by Gnist who asked me to create a visual tool to get some focus on on a key area of their company strengths – The sustainable work life.
They wanted a poster they could frame and give their clients to hang on their walls as a reminder of the sustainable work life

GNIST is a consulting company, working especially with leaders regarding the conditions for innovation. They facilitate conversations about the sustainable work life, which will ultimately make companies self-reliant. It creates better growth of each company and gives them resilience to withstand future challenges.

My goal was to make a collage using pictures that were different than the ones normally used for these types of assignments. So I looked for pictures which had underlying meanings that could be interpreted, so they suited the theme.

To understand why I chose to use the elements that I have used, please read the Description below.

Artwork Final small1


The turbine is a symbol of progress, vigor and strength. It ensures that there is a motion. The world around us is moving. We need to move with strength and resilience.


A sprout, besides being the symbol of life also an expression of the necessary growth conditions that come with a sustainable life. A seed can only become a sprout and turn into a plant only if it nourished from the environment.


The Antikythera Mechanism is one of the oldest gear mechanisms from antiquity. It was presumably used to assess how the bodies of the solar system moved relative to each other. The sustainable work life focuses on systems and how they work.


The golden spiral and Fibonacci numbers are also known as the divine formula or the golden ratio. It’s a pattern that recurs in different organisms, and speaking into the fact that a sustainable work life is based on some basic elements in humans and other organisms.


Cells / Organism. The picture is taken with an electron microscope and shows new sides of our organism. Organisms, cells and biology are key elements of sustainability in general and therefore also in the sustainable work life.
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