The annual cultural festival arranged by Folke Universitetet approached me regarding the most recent festival called Eksistens.

The festival brings together scientists, artists, institutions and creative enthusiasts and merges them through concerts, dinners, lectures, author readings film and exhibitions. The festival is focused on knowledge, but always with the cultural experience as spice.

This publication would be distributed to 80.000 homes.

It was important for them to show a researcher from the university as a focal point, because the festival in different ways is about education for the population and they want the researchers to be the center of this.

They wanted me to incorporate different elements that where explanatory of the festival theme and content such as death, romance, happiness, dreams, longing, hope, anger and lust.

The last important thing for me to keep in mind was that this artwork had to work on so many different levels. It had to be an eye catcher and a strong communicator and at the same time it had to be able to be spread out on many platforms. Such as posters ranging in size from A1 to A5, banners, web, badges, newspapers ads, and the A4 sized festival catalogue.

At the bottom of the post you can read why I have chosen the different symbols, and what they represent.

Artwork Final-visualartist-ruthcronefoster-folkeuniversitetet-århundredetsfestival-artwork-collage-graphicdesign

Artwork Final-visualartist-ruthcronefoster-folkeuniversitetet-århundredetsfestival-artwork-collage-graphicdesign1

Artwork Final-visualartist-ruthcronefoster-folkeuniversitetet-århundredetsfestival-artwork-collage-graphicdesign5

Artwork Final-visualartist-ruthcronefoster-folkeuniversitetet-århundredetsfestival-artwork-collage-graphicdesign4

Artwork Final-visualartist-ruthcronefoster-folkeuniversitetet-århundredetsfestival-artwork-collage-graphicdesign7 Artwork Final-visualartist-ruthcronefoster-folkeuniversitetet-århundredetsfestival-artwork-collage-graphicdesign6

Artwork Final-visualartist-ruthcronefoster-folkeuniversitetet-århundredetsfestival-artwork-collage-graphicdesign3

Greek Bust

To become immortal- The great thinkers in ancient times, their ideas have shaped our lives.

The skull and crossbones
Vanitas symbol – A symbol of death and mortality – To be or not to be – Shakespeare.

The planet of skin
Are we alone in the universe.-Is there life on other planets.

Stone – mountain (at the carcasses)
Minerals, building blocks for everything – Mother Earth as creator, the contrast with artificial intelligence. – Created by nature.

A seed
A seed as seen through an electron microscope – Growth coming out of the seed, signs of life and the origin of life.

Driving force – curiosity.

Large turbine
Sight into the future. – Artificial intelligence – Robots – Future machines.

Triangle of bark
The mask is cracking, the mask we all wear – Who am I, big existential thoughts.

Ink in water (looks like smoke)
Symbol of things that can have an abstract form – Dreams – Thoughts – The soul.

Passion – Fear of losing – Anxiety – Propagation.

Cells and tissues seen through an electron microscope.
What Makes a human.- Building blocks – Cells microorganisms – Bodies – Tissue.

The large circle behind the artwork
The circle that binds us together – Life’s circle.

The line that divides the image
Dualism in man – Good and Evil.