Xmas is coming

The first time I attended the School of Architecture´s christmas market, was a few years ago. I was truly impressed with the amount of creativity mashed together in the one big room. For me it was a very inspirational shopping trip. So when they approached me to do the artwork for their poster, I didn’t hesitate.

I wanted to create something very simple because for me that is what Architects do, make things with sharp lines and to translate this in to artwork I felt I had to make something with sharp lines which was simple. I also wanted to make something with a strong christmas feeling but with an untraditional touch. Don´t get me wrong I love chirstmas, but I hate the red and green colors together, I really have an aversion towards that. And I get very board with traditional christmas symbols, my brain gets tired. I believe it has something to do with having seen the same symbols for so many years so my brain does not get tickled or surprised. And the poster had to be interesting enough to get some attention and get people to come to the market. I started surching for inspiration and pretty quickly I felt that I wanted to use the very traditional christmas star, but in a colorful and not sickening way. Here is the end result.

My digital posters will be sold in a little booth for a splendid price, so will lots of other nice trinkets. So come and buy some christmas presents for those you love, or just come and be inspired.

Saturday – 08.12.12 kl. 11-17
Sunday – 09.12.12 kl. 11-17