Absolut Unique launch

Saturday the 17 th of November Absolut Vodka launched their new bottle concept Absolut Unique  together with Cover magazine in Aarhus at Kupe

I was hired by Absolut Vodka to make sure that the look and feel of the club that evening was up to par on what the brand wanted to communicate. A lot of subtle, yet important details had to get some attention. The lighting was crucial. I ordered pink plastic foil to cover the lights behind the sitting areas to give the club a more intimate and warm feeling. The large overhead lighting domes were giving a soft orange warm light, and we put up bunches of candles at all the tables. Lots of fragranted white lilies cornerd the bar together with some of the fresh fruits which where to be used in the four specially designed Absolut Unique drinks.

Big posters with artwork was hanged for extra display of the new bottle artwork in one of the lounging areas, and this was the only area where we did´nt incorporate pink light so the artwork would get more attention. 6 large acrylic tubes were filled with lots of the new bottles, and lights in between to display the beauty of the painted artwork. Visuals were projected on two different walls. one of the areas was the blue lounge and the other was at the dance floor. The video showed a concept video for the new bottles and added some dynamics to the vibe.

I felt this was a perfect opportunity to get familiar with the new Canon EOS I just received with the mail. So I brought it along and snapped shots during the procces of setting up. I am very satisfied with the quality of the pictures even though I took pictures inside and without a flash they look amazing. I am really loving my new camera so much I am thinking of starting a fan group. Maybe I should just go to their Facebook site instead and find other likeminded souls.