Nude ripped – Mashup

These collages are a brainchild of me wanting to do some collages in a more wild a free way than I normally do. When I make symmetry it is necessary to do some more preparation before starting the actual artwork. First I have to find interesting picture parts, then I have to print them out so I have a left side and a right side and after that I have to cut the lot. The whole process is very controlled and the only part that isn´t is when I start laying the paper down and the collage appears.

For these collages I ripped some magazines and the whole process was much more fun, uncontrolled and playful than it normally is. I don´t normally paint on the paper before using it. My focus has mainly been on the intertwining of prints  so I had a great deal of fun splashing around and getting dirty fingers.

Here are the results and some late night “in action” pictures.

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Forest of feet small2 Window smoke small2

Just Female front