Change comes from within

I have been involved in a relay project for Demoteket.

The project runs for a month and started when I got this piece of text, on which I had to base my inspiration for my artwork:

As the world changed

Change can be gray hair, which rise
Light on the nose after long days in the shade
Poles melting
Rainforests that are overturned
Change can come from the neighbor and right on the other side of Mars
You can find it in your laundry basket and seek it out on the capital’s nightclubs
It may come as postmodern nausea over the passage of the hustle and bustle
As a friend more on facebook
A friend less in fact
A broken heart can change the world
A dead dictator can change the world
And you can sit and drink coffee while enjoying the spring sunshine and changing the world

Solveig Kolstad and Maj Oerskov – Aarhus’ Poetry Slam

The word that stuck with me most with me was the word change, so I brainstormed on that, here are my thoughts of the process:

Transformation, something that changes – cells changing from cancer, from bad to good! Google cells, inner universe, skin structure close up and cracking. All cells in our body are replaced after 7 years we are new people – huge change, Seven year itch. Some feared (cancer cells) made beautiful!. Inner change. Beauty and the Beast.

After this little brainstorming session I could clearly see that I wished to make a piece of artwork which revolved around beauty vs. ugly. And that things which are looked upon as ugly also have beauty as decease cells.

When I had made my artwork, I had to send it to another artist who would make something new with inspiration from looking at what I had made. The guy who got my artwork is a musician and I can´t wait to hear what he composes. Simultaneously we where four artist who started the 1´st april and the replay ends at the end of April, and by that time 28 artist´s will have made an interpretation of each others artwork.

Below you see the artwork I made and an overall view of my core inspiration.

To view sizes and purchase please follow this link