During the month of July I will be creating 3 weekly collages as part of my “COLLAGE LAB”. I will use two days for inspiration and three for creation. At the end of the every week I will publish the 3 collages.

They will be up for sale the next 7 days. At my web shop. When the week is up, the pieces will be taken of the market.

This is part of a passion project, to take the time to dive deeper into creating just to create. This week I have been working with the future versus the past.

Grid-frame-ruthcronefoster-collage-graphic-collagelab-digitalcollage-SMALL Print Cactus head-frame-ruthcronefoster-collage-graphic-collagelab-digitalcollage Cactus head-ruthcronefoster-collage-graphic-collagelab-digitalcollage- SMALL Alchemy-frame-ruthcronefoster-collage-graphic-collagelab-digitalcollage-SMALL Print