3 weeks ago I lost my best friend, my dog Ruben. The past 11 years it has been me and him against the world. Last friday on a really shitty day in the midst of all my pain and my sadness I forced my way into my heart and made these two new collages. “Atelophobia” and “It is my time to torture you”.

I have used a lot of gloomy elements, like skulls and skeletons, from children and animals. For me the child skeleton is a sign of the greatest loss anyone can feel. I have tried to give the elements a twist by using a huge butterfly as a bow tie, and skulls where the flowers on the marble bust should be. When people are buried there is a saying ” From Ashes to ashes, dust to dust”. We come from the earth and return to it. This is one of the reasons I have for using a lot of different crystals. Crystals are made from the earth by heat and time. So it was important for me that there where a lot of nature elements in the artwork. To resemble the circle of life which is unbreakable no matter how ever hard we try to break it.

The pastel and light color scale had to be a bit uplifting to balance in the gloomy universe.

Atelophobia-ruthcronefoster-digitalcollage-opsat1smallAtelophobia-ruthcronefoster-digitalcollage-detail1small Atelophobia-ruthcronefoster-digitalcollage-detail2small  Its my turn to torture you-ruthcronefoster-digitalcollage-opsat1small Its my turn to torture you-ruthcronefoster-digitalcollage-details1small Its my turn to torture you-ruthcronefoster-digitalcollage-details2small