I was invited to a private Diesel viewing, celebrating the release of their new collection. At this event a part of the entertainment was a preformance by the talented Trine Jørck.

A friend who also attended the event, Louise Agerlund, who enjoyed the music as much as I did, gave me a creative challenge. Just for the hell of it. I had to choose one of Trine Jørck’s songs, and within only 1 hour I would have to interpret what I felt visually. The song I chose was “It’s been a while”.

The feelings I got from the song was that it was a love song, regarding that it had been a while since love had visited in her life. I immidiatly thought of drought, soil which has gone a long time without seeing water, the desert, dead trees and a dried out animal carcus.

I really enjoyed the time limit, I made me be very concise during my work. Because of the time limit this collage is done digitally.

Trine thought it was a fun idea and I got access to her press pictures. The picture I have used of Trine is taken by Rikke Luna. To see all the pictures visit her blog here.

I recommend you go to Trines Myspace, press play and listen to the song while viewing my creation.