Wake me up before you go go

What if I was to travel the world and this would be the mayor part of life as I know it in 2013. I just found out this is possible. Havana Club has launched a competition called “The Gap Year”where you get 12 experiences in 12 different countries divided on 12 months.

So lets go upload a video and answer these two questions.:

Which 3 things would you leave behind in Dk if you win – “I would have to leave my dog (which would probably break my heart) also my apartment and my family would have to stay behind. These are really the most important things in my life, they ground me.”

Next question is which 3 things would I bring on the trip – “I am thinking my dog, because who want´s to have a broken heart, not me! I would bring my best pair of scissors so I could make tons and tons of collages out of all the scrap paper I find along my trip. My important working tools “the twins” aka my macbook and wacom pen so I can make some great artwork in every country I visit.”

I am good to go, me in the backseat of the green car.!