The abstraction is important to me. In it you can create your own experiences. You see what you see and not what I want you to see.
The pieces are really huge and create an enveloping feeling and pull you into the works, away from everyday life.
In the works I have mixed both abstract and concrete images as well as organic and inorganic forms, creating a natural landscape universe.

I have gone for a clean, airy look to lift and open the premises. Everything in “Bruun’s Galleri is man-made, so I wanted to create breathing holes, some windows and portals in to new worlds the viewer is free too explore.

I think that the different parts envision pieces of puzzle and are reminiscent of how we fit together or do not match. We are many different people who are moving past each other every day, and around us and between us there is empty air. Hence the name Vacuum. The void that is being filled between us by air.

The closest we can come to nothing, is what we call vacuum. Vacuum is, from a physical point of view, bursting with potential. An  example of this could be a baby. A baby may be nothing, but it has a huge potential to be many things. It is the same with vacuum, in a vacuum, there is nothing. However, there is a possibility that all can be generated.

ruthcronefoster_bruunsgalleri_instore_decoration1a ruthcronefoster_bruunsgalleri_instore_decoration1d

I’ve worked on five keywords: Experiences, Life, New, Joy and Love.
Here is a selection of some of the associations that I got from the different words, which I have used in relation to the inspiration search.

Life: Light as a symbol, sunlight, sun over the city, street lamps, sunrise, nature, waves, sand, deep calm and fog, a factory silo, here created things, new things, creation. Building facades that look like stripes, the dualism between the dark and the light, life and death. The changing seasons, winter (snow) and summer (sun).

The new: Bubbling, stairs, steps, ladder, bridge railing, space travel, flight, horizon, steam.

Joy: Movement, interaction of the various forms and elements, bubbles that children are excited about and bubble over and find it difficult to remain calm. Childish joy glare.

Love: Closeup of a carport door, a symbol of one’s home “home is where the heart is” close-ups of storm = passion and turbulence that can be compared. Skin and bodies closely linked.

Experiences : Stairs, ladders, flight, travel, mountains, landscape, parts of a mast of a sailing ship, sea, car parts, road trip.

ruthcronefoster_bruunsgalleri_instore_decoration1c ruthcronefoster_bruunsgalleri_instore_decoration1b ruthcronefoster_bruunsgalleri_instore_decorationcruthcronefoster_bruunsgalleri_instore_decoration2 ruthcronefoster_bruunsgalleri_instore_decoration2a ruthcronefoster_bruunsgalleri_instore_decoration2b ruthcronefoster_bruunsgalleri_instore_decoration1b ruthcronefoster_bruunsgalleri_instore_decoration3ruthcronefoster_bruunsgalleri_instore_decoration1bA