Ultramarine Blue

Handdrawn illustrations on ultramarine blue painted paper. I love the contrast and the luminosity of the mat ultramarine paint and the white pen lines.

I have been working with three different themes.

PART ONE _ Enlightenment.

Dare to know! (Sapere aude.) “Have the courage to use your own understanding”. Close your eyes – open your mind. What is Enlightenment? In the spiritual world it means opening your third eye. Enlightenment is visible to all but not everyone can comprehend it and not everyone will be able to reach it. But that will not stop me from trying.

PART TWO _ Space

Space as the core of the universe. Space that surrounds us on a daily basis, within and without. Orbit – Sphere – Spatiality. I have a need for space in my day to day life, but I also have a need for Space (the univese and the mystery), so I thought it would be fun to play with the duality of the word. Space is wast and large but it can also be small and right beside you.

PART THREE _ Simplified

3D mapping – bodies simplified. – Celestial body Empty shell, there is form but no soul. – Curved path. I find it very inspiring that the complexity of our bodies can be simplified and illustrated by lines. Regarding enlightenment I often find that in a creative process, my hands know how to get to the best result. So the more I let go of my brain and my control and let my fingers do the walking, the more amazing my work becomes. I believe our bodies and cells have wisdom and knowledge beyond our understanding.