Going within

As written about in an earlier post I have been working with a darker theme than the latest collages, which is very appropriate since I have been working in a dark basement. I have been going deeper with my search for inspiration. Within the body I have researched different cells. Who knew a cancer cell could be so beautifull.?  I looked at how we hundred of years ago where able to learn about the human anatomi with the help of exelent artists who drew the dead bodys from within and turned everthing inside out. I have dived deep into the ocean (using google off course, I did´nt really go deep sea diving) and searched for the creatures which live in the dark waters. Old greek and roman statues with their perfection and symmetry became the pillar of strenght through out my work. All this I mashed together and created some new collages.

Exhibited at Galleri Kirk until September 2013

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Deep water thoughts-ruthcronefoster-collage-opsat

Dirty mouth-ruthcronefoster-collage-opsat

Faceless world-ruthcronefoster-collage-opsat

Got my eye on you-ruthcronefoster-collage-opsat

in utero-ruthcronefoster-collage-opsat

Phantom sea-ruthcronefoster-collage-opsat

Schizophrenia -ruthcronefoster-collage-opsat

Self made man-ruthcronefoster-collage-opsat

In-the-nude-ruthcronefoster-collage-opsat Virgin-territory-ruthcronefoster-collage-opsat