Editorial for DISfunkshion a national US print magazine

I was contacted by the US national magazine DISfunkshion and asked to do an editorial for their fall issue.

The idea was that after the photo shoot I would receive the pictures and get free hands to do what I wanted. The briefing I got from the editor in chief at DISfunkshion was ” I’m thinking cool headpieces created on the girls or around them with your collages. Along the lines of feathers, flowers, crowns, crystals.” I started by choosing the pictures I wanted to work with and after that I searched for inspiration regarding the brief. I felt that the feather, crystals and flowers gave a dreamy feel, so I went all out and tried to create a dreamlike universe, using the light, for the girls to inhabit. Here is the finished result.

Below in this post you can see the photos I received before I started working on them.frontpage1-DISfunkshionmagazine-ruthcronefoster-editorial1