Art Cans

Lately I have been part of a sustainability project launched by Northside festival. They brought together a bunch of artists, and during the first day of this years SPOT festival, a workshop took place at the Northside chill-out area. We all started at noon and worked till we were done, although we only had till nine o’clock.

I had decided to do a collage trash can. To make it easier on my self, I did the artwork digitally and printed large paper pieces which I cut and applied to the trash can. I did this so I was sure that the trash can would be perfect, and that I would be able to do the collage within the time limit.

If you are attending Northside Festival this weekend (the 15th-17th of june 2012) be sure to keep an eye out for the trash cans which will be in use.

ARTCANS | SUMMER 2012 from I DO ART on Vimeo.