A visual diary brought together by violent use of gradient tools

Last week I went for a walk with my dog in one hand and my new camera in the other. I wanted to test it. So I decided to make a visual diary. A diary that would end in nice artwork. I started by shooting a lot of different pictures, a selection of which I have shown below. After having loaded the pictures in my computer I started the process of choosing which ones I felt would be good together.

I do a lot of collages and I always use other peoples raw material, stuff I find on the web and manipulate. This was a great opportunity to create my own from scratch which has been very exciting because it is a totally different way for me to work. I had three goals, one being a color scheme I wanted to work in and the other was that I really wanted to play with the gradient tools.The third goal was to give everyday things an arty twist. To see if this was possible. Things I see when I shop at H&M like the price sings, or the changing room at Monki, my notebook at home, or the harbor where I walk my dog every day.

So here is the finished result. Hope you enjoy it!