Hummel Innovate

I was asked to make a print for the Hummel Company tour to Barcelona 2016. This print was for a T-shirt all the employees would get in remembrance of their trip, and the core target point, which they as a company are working to achieve.

There where some words/ company values which had to be incorporated in the print




– Barcelona 2016


Everything in the print is built up with such a composition, that each element is dependent on all the other elements. If one element is removed the artwork would tip and be of balance.

I think this is a beautiful parallel to teamwork, synergy and harmony at Hummel.


Explanation of the different elements:


The bars

– Structure, direction, goals


The circle

– Infinity sign.

– A unit, a team


Wavy line

– Water is necessary for growth, the line symbolises water.

– Movement, progress.

– The “t” in GROWTH is used it as the stem of something that grows and moves up.