The club and music venue Train, wanted to rebrand it self and further differentiate the club and the music venue. I was asked to be in charge of the rebranding. They wanted the logo to be cohesive with the other logos of the music venue and sister club Kupe. So I had to update the logo without alienating it from the others. They also wanted to move away from the black color scheme in the music venue and the white theme at Kupe.

I chose to tighten the logo up, and have the emphasis on the font which had to work together with the other brands but still have a twist which would be able to capture the more cool and raw feel they wanted the nightclub to symbolize.

_I have worked with the dualistic of which train is both a live music venue and a night club . This is reflected in the division of surfaces.

_The logo has been tightened it’s still the same concept but just more updated and polished and ready to withstand the next 10 years .

_I have used a vectored picture of a night sky, symbolizing that we party under the same sky a together, the diversity in it.

_The font is tough, cool, tight and modern but at the same time not pretentious. This is the type of customers they want to attract.

_The colours are raw and and match the rebuilding of the club. The dark blue and grey shades keeps us in the dark color scheme but still gives us colors to work from without having to use black. The colors also harmonize with the name Train which has a hard sound of metal, which the club will also be filled with.

_They wanted there to be a little ” old luxury ” somewhat like Gatsby without going overboard. I call the style Dark Art Deco or Art Deco Punk , an association of luxury and a certain seriousness.

The font used for the project is called BARON and is made by Frank Hemmekam.

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