Last week I took a trip to Copenhagen to help with the final touches and hanging of the window decoration, I created for Just Female. Just Female was created in Dec. 2006, and since then it has grown successfully, and managed to establish a strong identity on a national as well as international level, with agencies in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway.
When I was given the assignment to make a window display, to create attention for the Just Female flagstore in Sværtegade, Copenhagen, I started by doing research, regarding which type of collection would be hanging in the store the next couple of months. It was important that the display supports the clothes that are to be sold in the store. To help me narrow it in, I recieved their latest magazine. Full of pictures of the collection, styling thoughts and most important the look and feel of the direction, they wish the brand to travel.
I chose 4 pages which I felt was part of the core identity of the magazine. I needed to make something which was not to girlie, but had a more tomboy, cool look. The design behind Just Female is a combination of clean lines and raw details that together create a unique and edgy design. The color scheme I chose was soft powder shades to mix and give contrast to the black and dark colors. The t-shirt prints set the tone for my artwork, shadows, mysterious and abstract elements, and at the same time recognizable objects and shapes.
All the collage artwork is done digitally and sent to be cut and mounted professionally on 12 mm foam boards. The artwork can be seen from the inside as well as the outside of the shop. If you are in the neighborhood feel free to cruise by and enjoy the window at Sværtegade 10, Copenhagen.