The bird watcher

After having seen my collages at the design fair Blickfang, Stilleben a cool interior design shop i Copenhagen, ordered 3 special made collages. They had seen some collages I had made using a theme packed with foxes and birds. They wanted me to make something similar as they felt this would suit their customers very well.

The challenge at hand was that the collages Stilleben had fallen in love with was some that I had made over a year ago, so I wanted to update them but still keep the look and feel of the old ones. I think one of the reasons that they wanted me to use birds and foxes is that it is a graphically a well used element at the moment and it is easy to understand, because the brain can easily interpret what the elements are and there are not to many surprises.

We like surprises but we also like some of the elements to be safe. One of the things they really like was the use of so many different patterns and textures. This gives some depth and dynamic to a black and white piece of artwork, so I kept that in my during the process.

I hope you enjoy : Bird Watcher – Foxy Universe – Mushrooms gone wild