Stauning Whisky

The graphical lines refer to the way in which their whisky project has been applied. Simple – nordic and minimalist, and with at touch of “a crazy scientist / inventor”.

From the start they had to invent things used in the production, from other things, or use different items in other ways than what they where designed for. A bit like Gyro Gealoose / George Geoløs the famous Disney character.

This meant, among other things, that they utilised the floor in the old house of the butchery to revive the original Scottish production method with floor milling. At the same time, an old meat chopper was transformed into grain mills, the salt carpet was used for fermentation, and the furnace – still smelt of smoked bacon – was fed with grain instead of meat.

The print on the bottle has a copper colour, which leads the minds towards the Pot stills, that have been specially made for them in Spain.

The elements which I have incorporated into the artwork work as a visual storyteller. So the elements are easy to spot when being presented by the owners and otherwise silent.

1 til 9: Nine faces. The 9 different people who are the founders of Stauning Whisky

10: Distillation process

11: A pig (because they started in a old butcher)

12: A knife in the pigs back (because they started in a old butcher)

13: Glas with whisky = the finished product

14: Pot Still used for production

( proposal – not realised)