I was asked to create a poster for the foundation Verdens skove. I really love trees, and getting a chance to save some made a lot of sense to me.

The new collection supports the preservation of the rainforest in Nicaragua, one of the countries in the world where deforestation of the rainforest is happening most rapidly. When buying rainforest certificates you support the poor farmers who protect the rainforest. It’s a really good offer because you are helping to save the world’s species, fighting poverty and preventing global climate change.

A contribution of 200 kr preserves a rainforest area of ​​935 square meters, equivalent to the size of a good Danish summer cottage or villa grounds.
One such area of rainforest contains massive amounts of carbon. If cleared, it will emit about 65 tons of CO2. For comparison, a Dane, emits an average of 10 tons per year.

The posters are A2 size and printet on rockpaper which is the most substainable paper made without tree fibers.

If you wish to buy the poster visit the website