Pondus – 50th anniversary

I and 5 others where invited by Danske Bank to make an artistic interpretation of the Pondus piggy bank in relation to it´s 50th anniversary.

Jakob Tolstrup, Kristian Hornsleth, Violas værksted, Frederik Næblerød and Helle Bovbjerg.

I have lived in Africa for a large part of my childhood, so unlike most others, I have no relationship with Pondus. I think I have grown up with a slightly different relationship to money and savings and such. My inspiration stems thus not in childhood nostalgia, but rather in different structures and organic materials that fascinate me. Like ex stone and granite. Rocks and stones are a part of our universes core, and I wanted to draw a parallel to the thought that money is a part of our community´s core. Sometimes invisible but at the same time always visible in some way.

On my Pondus I have wanted to turn things inside out, and make the inside on the outside. Doing this by using a granite spray paint and organic shapes and pictures of rock and earth in the collage clippings.

The six piggybanks will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to charity.