Playing with gradient and neon yellow

I have been doing some testing with color grading, and utilizing the frames in a different way.

For the first two collages I have spray painted on top of the glass as well as the frame. The idea for this came because I was going through a really busy period with work, and I had an exhibition in Copenhagen I had to prepare for. I had a piece of artwork hanging at home in a great frame, and I decided to use that frame, so I would save the time getting another one. I only wanted to paint the frame but the back of the frame was so tight so I was not able to get the artwork out which was under the glass. So I ended up painting the whole damn thing. So the lucky buyer of this artwork with get two for ones price.

On collage no. 4 and 5 wanted to get more depth in the piece so I made the collage on top of the glass framing. On collage no. 5 inside the frame I placed some painted watercolor paper. I like the feel it gives this artwork, because you have the neatness of the frame but you also feel and see the texture of the collage so much better because it is not behind glass. You can also see I have been trying to work with depth on collage no. 6, but with the glass protecting the artwork.

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