ART Squares

I have made artwork for ART Squares which is a project under the Art Come True (ACT) association.

I was asked for my contribution created within strict graphical parameters. One of them being the artwork had to be in greyscale.

The interesting thing about the project is it is innovative in its approach to creating accessible art for everyone – and offers unique flexibility that allows you to determine the final expression.You buy the four artworks i one box. The pieces consist of 4 boards in dimensions of 50 cm x 50 cm. They can be combined according to your specific preference and placed on the wall in any manner that suits your home.

The ART squares were represented on the latest UP fair, which is Scandinavia’s most inspiring trade fair for design, interiors and artwork. The artwork and Idea was found so innovating that it received a spot on the prestigious Trend stand.

One of the reasons that I agreed to be a part of this project is that Art Come True´s (ACT) sole purpose is to be supporting various art projects. Especially young children and kids. This is important to me because I was very creative as a child and did´nt really know how to channel my skills. I believe that it is possible to help children find their talent and make them believe in this, and the better they get the more courage they will have to make a living of their creativity, if this is a wish. In schools today being creative is not a high commodity which is a shame because everybody has different intelligences.