Art meets fashion

I was commissioned by the shopping center Bruuns Galleri in Aarhus to make 4 giant installations where art meets fashion. Their wish was to give art a loving opponent with all the new spring trends. They have been inspired by some of the world’s funniest and most amazing artists. I picked the 4 artists which artworks I wished to work with.

For the outside of the cubes I made a new interpretation with the help of digital collage. The mission was to show the feeling of the different artists paintings. The inside of the cubes shows the artists signature, and I used pictures made for the catalog of models styled according to the artists environment. In the middle of the cube, I customized a mannequin to show the style that matches the artworks.

The cubes will be part of their spring campaign and will be on display in Bruuns the entire next week.
(From the 23rd of march to the 1st of april 2012).