The idea of the Paper Cuts exhibitions is to give young and up coming artists an opportunity to show their talent, to give them a boost and at the same time give everyone a chance to get some interesting art on the wall without it costing a fortune. The concept is created by ARTREBELS.

These are the collages I have done for the Paper Cuts exhibition 2011. The reception took place at the VESS showroom in Copenhagen, and afterwards the auction of the original artwork started at At the ARTREBELS website it is possible to buy prints of the original artwork.

The theme “Force of nature” was a good challenge for me, and pretty quickly I found out that I wanted animals in my collages. For me it makes the artwork a bit more familiar, and I just really love animals.

For my Paper Cuts collages I wanted to try to go dark, and do something in black and white, which is totally opposite my normal color scheme. I was interested in playing with a mysterious feeling, and yet use lovable animals, like the fox and birds. I like the balance between items and shapes that the brain can recognize and understand, and items and shapes which it can´t quite figure out what is. Playing with this composition intrigues me.