Bruun´s Galleri has a new branding strategy which is called “Med hjertet i Aarhus” roughly translated, “with heart in Aarhus” because this is where they are situated. They the wanted me to interpret this new strategy. They had five themes which sprung from this new strategy and I received some inspirational words to go with each theme. This is how I chose to interpret them.

I’ve shown a lot of different elements from Aarhus harbor and landmarks of our seaport. The large cranes and seagulls are central characters. I have also chosen to clone some of the pictures, ex. the crane captain. This helps to give the brain a little extra challenge to decipher the meaning which means it will take longer before you get bored with the images. Which is important because the artwork will be at bruun´s for at least a year. Other items I have used to visualize the harbor are people fishing and water men. These are a sight you will often be met with if you take a walk along the quay, and you can not ignore the huge container ships, towering over the quayside.

ruthcronefoster-identity-instoredecoration-illustration-graphic-creativeconsultant1 ruthcronefoster-identity-instoredecoration-illustration-graphic-creativeconsultant2 ruthcronefoster-identity-instoredecoration-illustration-graphic-creativeconsultant3 ruthcronefoster-identity-instoredecoration-illustration-graphic-creativeconsultant4 ruthcronefoster-identity-instoredecoration-illustration-graphic-creativeconsultant5 ruthcronefoster-identity-instoredecoration-illustration-graphic-creativeconsultant6

Some of the keywords I was given for this theme are: creativity, development, tourism, visibility and prestige.
The greatest symbol of culture in Aarhus seems to be Aros and “The Boy” therefore he has a prominent role in this artwork . He stands on top of a globe as symbol of the world, on the globe, there is a map of Aarhus. This is to visualize that we would like to be more visible in the world. A tree with roots shows that culture can put down roots in this city. Art is displayed in many ways, both with brush strokes, brushes, top of a cello, theater masks a dancer and film roll. A lot can happen over a cup of coffee, you can get the brain started to churn out ideas which happens a lot in Aarhus and expresses itself in the small source of underground events .

ruthcronefoster-identity-instoredecoration-illustration-graphic-creativeconsultant7 ruthcronefoster-identity-instoredecoration-illustration-graphic-creativeconsultant8 ruthcronefoster-identity-instoredecoration-illustration-graphic-creativeconsultant9 ruthcronefoster-identity-instoredecoration-illustration-graphic-creativeconsultant10 ruthcronefoster-identity-instoredecoration-illustration-graphic-creativeconsultant11 ruthcronefoster-identity-instoredecoration-illustration-graphic-creativeconsultant12

Young, urban, pulse, communities and homes were some of the words I was given for this theme .
Which meant it was important for me to show some of the places “life” is lived in Aarhus. So I showed the river which is very well known and popular “hang out spot” especially in the summer. To the right I have a lot of different items such as books, glasses and a brain with swing handle which indicates that Aarhus is a city filled with students grinding theirs brains.
Again here I have some seagulls, and I have interpreted Hans Krulls well known painting “Mågekys” in a new way, with the more reserved and uninterested seagull who does´to bother kissing the girl who has deer and houses from the old town remained in her hair.

ruthcronefoster-identity-instoredecoration-illustration-graphic-creativeconsultant13 ruthcronefoster-identity-instoredecoration-illustration-graphic-creativeconsultant14 ruthcronefoster-identity-instoredecoration-illustration-graphic-creativeconsultant15 ruthcronefoster-identity-instoredecoration-illustration-graphic-creativeconsultant16

Here I have chosen to focus on various new and old landmarks, icons and symbols which is something that characterizes the city. My challenge here was to create an artwork that seemed alive which can be difficult if you have to use a lot of ” dead” things such as statues and buildings. I have chosen to use  seagulls, because they are more dynamic elements than the “dead ” elements but also they are large part of the city of Aarhus, both sound image but also visual image. Nature is extremely important,forests, the parks but also the beach . The fact that we are so close to nature is also a landmark of the city. The key elements are all new buildings by the harbor, the old town, Town Hall Tower, Aros and cathedral and the equestrian statue of King Christian 10.

ruthcronefoster-identity-instoredecoration-illustration-graphic-creativeconsultant17 ruthcronefoster-identity-instoredecoration-illustration-graphic-creativeconsultant18 ruthcronefoster-identity-instoredecoration-illustration-graphic-creativeconsultant19

The artwork to the music theme is rooted in the young musicians from Aarhus and such as LOC, Nephew, Carpark North and Medina, and also Thomas Helmig. This was a theme that needed something dynamic.
Music is something you feel and makes you want to move but no one can see it. I wanted to create a visual interpretation of sound in Aarhus, its pulse and beat. Where both young and experienced people jam at the many venues and rehearsal rooms around the city. This is also why I chose items that show different types of music, such as jazz, classical but also a loop station used for electronic music.