This week I wanted to try and create some collages which didn´t have a main focal point.

During these weeks I have noticed that a lot of my work have a main focal point. Like a face of some sort. I am not so crazy about using real people, I more like the ancient bust´s, or the 3D sculptured faces. I feel the need for a face but not a personality, which I think I get using those two types of faces.

I wanted to see how it would effect the artwork to not have a face incorporated. So in two of the collages I have used shapes and texture, and not to many living items. I found that the message of what I wish to address still comes out by using different shapes. The message becomes more subtile and underlying.

All3-collagelab-week4-ruthcronefoster-digitalcollage small



Play small

Elevate-frame-ruthcronefoster-collage-graphic-collagelab-digitalcollage small

Elevate small

Bubblegum-frame-ruthcronefoster-collage-graphic-collagelab-digitalcollage small

Bubblegum small