Absolut Vodka wanted to show their version of the popular drink containing only mineral water, vodka and citrus fruit. They wanted to make it more Absolut and thereby a more interesting encounter. At the same time one of their goals was to keep in mind the origin of the drink, being the fashion industry. A subtle message in the campaign was that this drink also is a bit slimming, because of the mineral water being used instead of soda. This was incorporated by showing the measuring tape, which serves as an object for making couture, as well as measuring the body size.

I was the creative force on this assignment from the beginning to the end and helped them reach their vision. Jannick Børlum was the photographer and the drink styling was done by Rene Hedeland Larsen from The Cocktail Lab. Here is the result. Keep an eye out for the campaign on the streets and in the bars.


The unpacking of the logo glasses and the bottle .

A shot of the bottle alone to ensure the perfect lighting.

Jannick, the photographer, is checking the lighting on the shot.

Rene, the bartender, arrives.

Some of Rene’s equipments.

Shaping of the homemade ice, so it is ready for the shot.

Polishing the bottle.

A bit more polishing.

Rene cut all the fruits in a bunch of different ways to ensure the perfect look.

They have to sit just right.

Jannick preparing for a shot of the glass alone.

Jannick and I discussing thread color.

Jannick working on the image while Rene is styling in the back.