T-shirt prints made on organic cotton

I wanted to make 3 different prints so costumers buying would be able to buy 3 totally different looks. The themes I chose to work with was geometric, animal inspired and abstract

I started as a fan, and now I am proud to present 3 print designs which I have made for the organic T-shirt brand Grønsag. When I embarked on this journey I was asked to make 3 prints.

The geometric print was inspired by all the geometric artwork out there at the moment. I have a passion for different geometric shapes, especially triangles and I wanted to create a print that when it was worn could look like an oversize statement necklace and also just look like geometric print . The duality to me was interest.

The animal theme made me think about new animal prints. For such a long time now we have seen deers, owls, foxes and leopards and it got me thinking of which animal could be a worthy opponent to these very very used images. I felt the jellyfish could live up to this. I have given the jellyfish arms and legs to give it a little twist. I like to make things where I get the brain thinking…”hmmm what is happening over here”. This in my opinion makes the prints more exciting in the long.

With the abstract theme I drew the print by hand and afterwards scanned the finished artwork. The other two prints where made on the computer. Although the geometric print did start as a drawing in my sketch book. I wanted the abstract t-shirt design to have a very artistic feel to it, and added several items which repeat them selves in some of my other artwork, like planets, eyes and doodles. Basically it is a doodle shirt. One thing that was very important for me when drawing this shirt was to use different types of pens, so there would be some thin strokes and some stronger. This gives the print a bit more depth and variety.