Newline // Storm Copenhagen collaboration – HALO

Newline has released HALO – A urban sport menswear collection. This is a collaboration between international sportswear brand Newline, Rasmus Storm & Malkit Singh.

Rasmus Storm is the man behind the internationally renowned lifestyle and fashion store located in Copenhagen. Malkit Singh is a former model and a sportswear aficionado.

As part of the design team, my job was to interpret the vision that Rasmus and Malkit had regarding to design, into drawings which where clear and ready for production. During our meetings at the Newline headquarters, we (the whole design team) thoroughly went through every product in relation to fabrics, colors, usability and look, until satisfaction was achieved.

Rasmus and Malkit had a very clear idea of which type of clothing they wanted to create and as the trendsetters they are their opinion was vital.

This collection pays tribute to newline´s founder and legacy. Back in 1981 he was hanging in a parachute and started wondering why his suit was wet and the parachute still dry. With a background from the danish special forces, who at that time were among the best in the world to jump from high altitudes with low opening, and many years as a runner, he used the parachute to create an innovative range of functional sportswear.

Being sold at some pretty impressive store around the world.