Logo design for The Embassy

You have to be a bit crazy to build craft cocktail bar in four 20 foot shipping containers, combine it with a gigantic umbrella and bring it all across the oceans. But nevertheless that’s what they do.

THE EMBASSY is a collaboration started by Stauning Whisky and Njord Gin. An opportunity for people to taste the value of our carefully crafted and distinctive spirit – neat and combined with other quality products in exquisite cocktails.

Their containers are ready for international waters in 2018. In 2017, they brought The Embassy to a few great events in Denmark – starting with two fine and quite new festivals in the middle of Denmark: Heartland Festival and Tinderbox.

To conquer the taste buds and senses of the guests and give them an extraordinary pop-up experience, they have teamed up with dedicated Danish companies within furniture, architecture, clothing, sound, glassware, gastronomy – and more to come. These select partners are all part of a long tradition of Danish quality.