Octangulum and Ovali are the latin words for an eight sided shape, and an oval shape.

I love to throw a lot of patterns together and find the compositional harmony within the mess. For some time now I have been fascinated by terrazzo, ship rope and brass, and wanted to incorporate it into a piece of artwork.

The rope and the custom cut brass was easy enough, but to achieve a terrazzo look I had to go to Garant and browse their stock. I found some different patterns which I thought appropriate. It is a relatively easy material to work with, a sharp pair of scissors and you are good to go.
The thesis I work from is basically that I use large and small patterns that make noise. To achieve peace, their must be something quiet, either colors or images that exude tranquility.

The different pieces are 6 mm laser cut wood, the finish on the edges are white.

Former opsætning_ruthcronefoster_collage

Octangulum _ruthcronefoster_collageOctangulum close up_ruthcronefoster_collage Octangulum close up1_ruthcronefoster_collage

Ovali_ruthcronefoster_collageOvali close up_ruthcronefoster_collage