Here are the 3 collages I’ve made in my inspirational week 3. This week I have been intrigued by directions such as SEAPUNK / VAPORWAVE and GLITCH ART.

I am attracted to the aesthetic versus the non aesthetic, the gritty, poorly finish and nineties look of it all. I wanted to intergrate some of these items and still maintain some kind of cleanness in this bizarre futuristic world.

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Virtual plaza-ruthcronefoster-collage-graphic-collagelab-digitalcollage

Virtual plaza-frame-ruthcronefoster-collage-graphic-collagelab-digitalcollage



Glith art-ruthcronefoster-collage-graphic-collagelab-digitalcollagesmall

Glith art-frame-ruthcronefoster-collage-graphic-collagelab-digitalcollage-small