The festival brings together scientists, artists, institutions and creative enthusiasts and merges them through concerts, dinners, lectures, author readings film and exhibitions. The festival is focused on knowledge, but always with the cultural experience as spice.

They wanted me to incorporate different elements that where explanatory of the festival theme and content. This years theme was the years from 1900 -1950. So the elements for this years poster where much more concrete than last years. This was because we where dealing with tangible things, as retro cars, war, weapons, planes, ration coupons and inventions of the time. Very quickly the colors and pictures I found, decided what color scheme I would be working ind. So many of the elements where dark and heavy colorwise, so I decide to follow that lead.


It was important for them to show a researcher from the university as a focal point, because the festival in different ways is about education for the population and they want the researchers to be the center of this. So we had Tone a female gender researcher be the model. I love that her research and her gender and looks are in contrast to the way she is seen on the cover.


A very popular pose in the twenties and thirties amount the young actresses was to reveal some of the back and the face at the same time, so thats why I chose to have her strike a pose as she did.

The last important thing for me to keep in mind was that this artwork had to work on so many different levels. It had to be an eye catcher and a strong communicator and at the same time it had to be able to be spread out on many platforms. Such as posters ranging in size from A1 to A5, banners, web, badges, newspapers ads, and the A4 sized festival catalogue.

aarhundredetsfestival-ruthcronefoster-collage4 aarhundredetsfestival-ruthcronefoster-collage3 aarhundredetsfestival-ruthcronefoster-collage1 aarhundredetsfestival_ruthcronefoster_collage